Woodland Owners Short Course
Woodland Owners Short Course

2024 WOSC

2024 WOSC

Welcome to the 2024 WOSC

The Kentucky Woodland Owners Short Course (WOSC) was designed to assist Kentucky’s woodland owners in the care and management of their woodland resources! The 2024 WOSC consists of 5 online sessions followed by a field session (two options to choose from). The online sessions will provide a solid foundation for woodland owners on key woodland and wildlife management-related topics in Kentucky. These sessions will help prepare woodland owners to become active woodland stewards by:

  • raising awareness of key woodland/wildlife issues
  • providing examples of how the issues are best addressed
  • providing an introduction to the programs and natural resource professionals to support woodland owners

Dates for Online Sessions (Tues. and Thur. 7 PM-8 PM EDT)

  • June 11: Woodland Management Process/Tree ID
  • June 13: Woodland Health
  • June 18: Wildlife and Woodlands
  • June 20: Carbon, Climate Change, and Woodlands
  • June 25: Woodlands, Water Quality & NRCS Programs to Support Woodland Owners

The field sessions will:

  • showcase the field hosts woodland and wildlife management approaches and activities
  • provide participants the opportunity to see woodland and wildlife management practices on the ground and interact with the natural resource professionals who can help you on your woodland
  • reinforce what was learned in the online sessions and how it translates to your woodland

Dates for Field Sessions (choose one):

  • July 13 – Robinson Forest
  • August 10 – Roundstone Native Seed

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