History of the Kentucky Woodland Owners Short Course (SC)

The Kentucky Woodland Owners Short Course (WOSC) is the largest educational program designed specifically for Kentucky woodland owners. Administered and coordinated by the UK Department of Forestry and Natural Resources Extension team, the WOSC includes more than ten partner organizations who work with and support Kentucky woodland owners in caring for their woodland resources—make sure to check out our Partners page to learn more. The WOSC not only educates Kentucky woodland owners on why and how they can manage their woodlands but it also connects them with those who can provide technical and financial assistance to do so.

The first WOSC was held in 2004 and consisted of a series of four field days spread out across Kentucky. Since the first offering in 2004, the Kentucky Woodland Owners Short Course has been modified over the years based largely on the feedback from stakeholders and attendees. Over the years, thousands of woodland owners have attended the WOSC and learned how they can make their woodland healthier and more productive.

The 2022 WOSC consists of on-line and in-person sessions in East, Central, and West Kentucky. The on-line sessions are intended to provide a virtual classroom based learning environment while also preparing WOSC attendees to get the most out of the field sessions.

We look forward to your participation in the WOSC and seeing you on-line and in the woods!